Redefining Access Control Systems

We provide and install Kisi access control systems to safeguard every entrance to your business facility.

Kisi access control combines seamless user experience with strong security and mobile viewing capabilities, giving you peace of mind that you’re protected from intruders.

With an intuitive mobile app, users can view live or recorded security footage from Kisi controllers, card readers, and cloud management software establish a superior-quality access control system to simplify guest entry around the clock.

Kisi systems come with a wide range of features for maximum functionality and flexibility. Remote management lets you easily manage visitor and employee access, as well as temporarily authorizing specific co-workers to take on admin responsibilities if needed.

Kisi continuously releases new updates and features, meaning your security capabilities are always expanding.

Remote Management Simplified

Kisi’s cloud infrastructure lets you manage your access control solution remotely from anywhere.

User Access

Easily manage permissions and automatically sync with your SSO and identity management solutions.


Be automatically notified when an intrusion event takes place, with notifications pushed directly to your mobile device.


All access events are automatically logged and easily exported for auditing and compliance.

Doors & Spaces

Secure by door and space, with the ability to restrict access on a door-by-door basis.


Ensure your spaces never exceed max capacity with automated notifications and restriction protocols.


Connect Kisi to video surveillance systems or third-party alarm systems.

Kisi Reader Pro

Kisi Reader Pro

Our Reader is designed to work with the most popular access methods on the market. The slim, unibody design makes it easily fittable even to narrow frames while looking great in any space.

Lightning-fast unlocks
Unlock in as little as 0.3 seconds
Intrusion detection
Receive automatic notifications when a door is forced open
Tamper detection
Automatically locks down when tampered
In/out tracking
Live, accurate occupancy data logged and organized in the Kisi dashboard
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Kisi Pro Controller

Kisi Controller Pro

Kisi Controller Pro enables you to manage your spaces anywhere using cloud-based tech. Whether you’re managing one door in one location, or hundreds of doors across dozens of locations, the Controller Pro has you covered.

Door open/close
Connect exit buttons and motion sensors to easily track when your doors are opened and closed.
Each controller has built-in power outputs for additional components like electric strike locks.
Works with WiFi and/or Ethernet with automatic failover.
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